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Small Business


Lost on how to grow your small business? Don’t know where to start with video? We can help! 

CorporateFilming specializes in helping small businesses become BIG businesses. You don’t just want the cheapest videographer to just create a video that people watch once-  you want content that will grow and drive sales to your business. That’s what we do. 

We tailor specifically to helping small businesses create engaging video content to drive growth. We understand you may not have a big corporate budget- and we’re here to help. Let’s get your story, customers and your why on film to drive massive growth to your business. 

“I love helping small businesses grow. I started this company at age 13 in my mom’s kitchen so I have such a passion and love to help others scale and grow. It’s all about story- this is what convinces your prospects to buy”
- Trevor Rappleye, CEO



“CorporateFilming is GREAT to work with. After starting to follow them on social media and seeing the end products, I quickly realized we just HAD to hire them to make our business promotional videos. CorporateFilming made the booking process super easy and was very detail oriented. They handled everything, asked the questions and had media releases signed for protection to use their likeness. The videos will help 3d Sounds get higher revenue corporate clients as it shows the different services we do and makes us stand out. Their videos have helped me book countless more clients- I've seen at least $20k in additional revenue from the use of their videos. The number will only grow higher. If you want to find more clients with video, go with CorporateFilming,net.”
Amit Kotecha
Partner, 3D Sounds


“If anyone is considering investing in video content for their marketing purposes, I would advise you to use The team is super professional, and working with them was a pleasure. The quality of the video they did for me is amazing. The results from that video have been the best part of all. I’ve used it on my websites, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page, shared it with prospective clients, and more. The response in business has been truly fantastic. We will be doing another video soon with based on the great ROI I received from my first one.”
Vaughn Sigmon
Allen Training Centers
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