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Drive Sales with Monthly Videos

We work with San Francisco-based tech company OneLogin to create an ongoing series of videos to promote their awesome corporate culture to prospective new hires, drive their sales with product videos and highlight their raving & happy customers to help close deals quicker.

OneLogin is a part of our annual partnership—24 videos a year, anywhere in the U.S.—for one price. Interested in stopping your search for a reliable, national video team? Do you want peace of mind knowing that the videos will be done right, on time and within budget? Or what about videos that will actually grow your brand? CorporateFilming has your back.

"Working with CorporateFilming has been great! The team is so organized...and so good about travel....and their final products are always awesome"
Larisa Sandu
Customer Marketing Manager, OneLogin

Our Work with OneLogin


We worked with OneLogin to create a video that showcased their unique workplace culture, helping the company distinguish its employer brand and connecting them with top-tier talent. OneLogin uses CorporateFilming for their brand videos, event videos and customer testimonials on a monthly basis, all for one transparent, annual price. No one else offers that!

By going onsite into the office, we were able to capture candid moments with the staff and paint a compelling picture of why OneLogin is such a fantastic place to work.

See the video on their Glassdoor page here highlighting their culture and growing their brand!



We profiled various happy OneLogin customers and demonstrated how the company interacts directly with customers at in-person Lunch & Learn events. We help you get a new customer success story on film every month to drive more profit and sales. We can travel anywhere, handling everything from concept to final upload to your website. We’re here to give you your time back, impress your boss with our quality and meet every deadline you throw our way. Really.

See the video we created to help OneLogin drive attendees and sponsorships to their Connect Conference here!



See what working with the CorporateFilming team really looks like, including the best part - the blooper reel! We are different than anyone else out there - our content humanizes your brand to help increase sales. The blooper reel is the most-viewed and shared video we create! Show your lighter side...we promise your staff and clients will love it.