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Want to highlight your mission? Want to drive brand awareness and more sponsorships?

That’s what CorporateFilming does for non-profits!

Your non-profit cares about the world and is trying to change the world for the better, but do your viewers know that? CorporateFilming knows how to dive into the emotion and story of your non-profit to drive growth, volunteers and sponsorships. We help non-profits create brand videos, film and livestream their events and create content that inspires. 

Our national team finds the people you have made an impact on, tells your story and highlights your mission. By doing this, this drives growth to your non-profit. We have a national team ready and standing by to help your non-profit continue changing the world. 

Let us tell your story. It’s what we were born to do.





"It's been a great experience. The process along the way- you go above and beyond. It's a great working partnership.You have helped our non-profit grow our brand, get more attendees at our events and get our curriculum into more schools. You travel with us around the U.S.- which is amazing!"
Sharon Rendon
Director of Professional Learning at CPM Educational Program

See our videos on the CPM website here!

See our conference promotional video here! We handle all of CPM’s national video needs and they are our longest running client.


Accord Education

“My firm retained CorporateFilming to document a corporate event we hosted. They were very professional in obtaining footage during the event as well as assisting in obtaining on-camera testimonials from event participants. They also spent a day at our office obtaining footage and doing some on-camera interviews. They did a fantastic job producing a series of videos based on all of this material, with each targeting a different theme. I would definitely recommend their services. This videos helped us gain more sponsors, grow our brand and really helped our non-profit education program"”
Travis Pryor
Director of Information Services, Accord Education

Firefighter Burn Institute

See our video on the FF Burn’s website helping drive sponsorships and brand awareness here!

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