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"We are so honored to be helping companies with all their national media needs- being able to create videos weekly or monthly and to act as their outsourced video team- is such an honor. We give time BACK to our clients by handling everything. I also wanted to showcase our story and pull back the curtain. So many companies hide behind their locked doors - I wanted to swing them wide open as we become really great friends with every client. I wanted to personally tell our story to you and showcase how my team helps businesses around the world on a daily basis drive sales and engagement. I started this company when I was 13 and have been love with story and emotion ever since. It's all about passion and story in marketing- that is what drives sales to close faster. Watch our journey and enjoy seeing us live out our dreams."

- Trevor Rappleye, CEO & Founder 

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Trevor's story


Ran for Historian as a 6th grader


Started his first business at age 13


First lawn mowing business at age 15


Bought the domain


Director at hight school TV station (KBFT TV)

"As a sophomore, we would produce 3x a week LIVE broadcasts to students. It was so tough and so fun. Here is a blooper reel of me trying to report on a high school soccer game. It’s all about authenticity, and this is me as a kid…and to this day I still have this same humor."


High School Reporter at KCRA Sacramento

“I actually signed up to be a videographer at age 17 to cover local high school sports with KCRA. I was really nervous and used to stutter really bad as a kid. KCRA called me to start doing live TV spots and I almost said no. I then thought to myself- why not challenge myself? Why not try and get better? So I did! They put me on multiple times on live and man, there are so many funny moments of me as an awkward kid- but in the end, I am happy I tested myself and I Challenged myself. This is the same mentality I have for CorporateFilming and my team- Always be challenging yourself and take risks that other people are too afraid to do. This KCRA experience lead to so many more opportunities after that”


Senior Video Project Set to Superbad


Intern at NBC


Intern at ABC


First office and first employee


First Fortune 500 client and scaling: Introducing


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Behind the scenes


Thought Leadership

From an interview with ideamensch:

How do you bring ideas to life?

“I love this question. Ideas come to life when you turn off your phone, stop checking email and just THINK. Ponder. Go to the beach and look at the water, go to a local park and sit outside- just mix it up! You’ll be surprised how creative you can be if you don’t sit at your same desk, with your same coffee and the same people around you. Our biggest business decisions have been me laying on the beach working with my hotspot or reading a book. If you do the same thing every single day…how can you plan for next year? 3 years from now? 10 years from now?

Ideas really come when you take 50 steps back and entrepreneurs work ON their business, not just IN it! What big moves do you have to make to grow year after year? My idea for CorporateFilming came on a plane looking out the window, my idea of hiring a full-time customer experience manager (handling bdays, thank you’s, just making our clients SMILE) came from me laying on the beach. People need to set aside time to bring ideas to life. My last piece of advice is don’t try and think of 10 ideas….think of 1 you can implement TOMORROW. Baby steps here, baby steps.”

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Podcasts with Trevor

Ep 1007: Authenticity. Stories. Passion. The 3 Most Underrated Tools in Business

Ep 1007: Authenticity. Stories. Passion. The 3 Most Underrated Tools in Business

Trevor Rappleye | Business Growth through Storytelling

Trevor Rappleye | Business Growth through Storytelling

The Project EGG Show — Corporate Filming: Trevor Rappleye

The Project EGG Show — Corporate Filming: Trevor Rappleye



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