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Want to highlight your culture and save money on recruiting? Want to humanize your staff to drive sales? Want to have funny bloopers to humanize your company to increase engagement?

CorporateFilming just does that…and more. With so much noise in the world today, highlighting the story and passion of your business makes you stand out and drive brand growth. 

CorporateFilming is obsessed with your story and showing the love for what you do. Creating a company video not just of what you do, but WHY you do it- connects to your prospects, clients and recruits. CorporateFilming can highlight all your locations and help every department create on-going monthly videos to drive brand growth. Did we mention we handle everything? Just sit back, we’ll even bring the coffee and donuts. We love those sprinkle white ones. 



"It is going to premiere to 800 people, we can't wait to see this on the big screen at our annual company Christmas Party!"
Dena Lerner, Marketing Director
Westland Real Estate Group

See the video on Westland Real Estate’s website here helping them drive sales, recruit better staff and show their culture!



“Stop your search. Seriously, CorporateFilming really helped us with video. We did not know what to do with video, and they came with us to our office and handled everything. Don't just go with a videographer, we learned we had to invest in video to really grow our business. They travel with us and are so good at responding! Five stars all around. This video is helping us get in front of higher ticket clients and close larger volume deals. See the video on our Monarch website! ”
Christina Isabel Saldana
Business Development, Monarch USA


Blooper Reels are a great way to humanize your executives, your team and your culture. It makes you stand out, gets the most shares from your staff and gets your prospects and clients laughing! This will keep you top of mind during the sales process and help you close sales faster!

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